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Essentials For Choosing The Right Walk In Tub

Compare the Size, Safety, Price & Features available before choosing your Walk In Tub...

Millions of Homeowners are upgrading their "bath time" routine by installing a walk in tub. There are so many health and mental benefits to these new and amazing tubs. Walk In Tubs have been proven to help a variety of different people like seniors, people with arthritis, chronic pain, joint pain, anxiety/stress, circulation issues, handicapped individuals and the list goes on... Source

Our team has tested and reviewed dozens of different Walk In Tub Brands so if you struggle from any of the conditions listed above, then check out our Top Walk In Tub Suggestions for any particular need. Beyond choosing the right Walk In Tub based on your own physical needs, there are other factors to consider and compare between the available brands before you make a decision.

What are the Important Features of a Walk-In Tub to Compare?

1.) SIZE: Definitely consider the size of tubs that different brands offer. If you are trying to replace an existing bathtub with a new Walk In Tub then the new tub needs to fit in the space space of your old one. Compare Top "Space Saver" Tubs

2.) SAFETY: As we all grow older, the risk of injury or falling increases, while our mobility decreases. Thousands of Seniors and Handicapped individuals are injured each year from falls and injuries in the bath tub. Many Walk In tub Brands specifically cater to seniors and people who have mobility issues, where as other brands specialize in space saving tubs, more affordable options and much more. Check Out The Safest Tubs Here

3.) FILL & DRAIN SYSTEMS: Every type of Walk In Tub has a different capacity to fill and drain the entire system. Since there is a door involved for Walk In Tubs (to allow for easy and safe entry and exiting), that means that you have to get inside the bathtub before you fill it up all of the way. The new and improved Walk in Tubs from brands like Kohler, American Standard, Jacuzzi and Safe Step have better systems in place that can fill and drain the entire Tub in just minutes. Compare the Best Walk In Tub Brands on the Market

4.) THERAPEUTIC FEATURES: For seniors and others who suffer from pain, aches, injuries etc. - using Walk In Tubs can also benefit from various therapeutic features, like water massage, air jets and massage, chromatheraphy, aromatheraphy and more. These can help you relax, reduce pain and make your bath more enjoyable every time you get in it. Check out Walk In Tubs with the BEST Features

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